See the Evidence and decide for yourself


A remarkable track record of accurate, clear and precise predictions about nations and cities.

Archaeological discoveries confirm the accuracy of the Bible record.

A consistent message written by people from vastly different cultures and times.

A law thousands of years ahead of its time....

Four superpowers



See how the Old Testament prophet Daniel foretold 2,600 years of world history starting with the Babylonian Empire and ending with the nations of modern Europe....

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Egypt was once the most powerful country in the world. It is now one of the world's poorer countries. Discover how the Bible predicted this decline in considerable detail and tells us the reason why it happened....

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Archaeology has played a large part in proving the Bible to be true. Places and people that were thought to be mythical over 100 years ago have since been discovered to be real by archaeologists. Find out for yourself in this fascinating section....

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A consistent message

The Bible was written by many different authors from all sorts of backgrounds over thousands of years, and yet the main message runs through it consistently. See examples of this remarkable consistency.

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A Law ahead of its time


Discover how the law given to Moses thousands of years ago is the best way to stay healthy through correct eating, hygiene and disease control....

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Middle East tensions

See how the Bible predicted in considerable detail the tension that we see in the Middle East today.

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Unwilling witnesses

Find out how a small nation, scattered across the world for hundreds of years, came together again to live in a land they called their own. All this was predicted in the Bible thousands of years ago - more evidence of the reliability of God's word.

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