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You can learn more about the Bible message in several ways:


Introducing the Bible presentations

Should I be interested in the Bible?

What is in the books of the Bible?

Who are the main people in the Old Testament? - part 1

Who are the main people in the Old Testament? - part 2

Who are the main people in the New Testament? - part 1

Who are the main people in the Old Testament? - part 2


Learn to Read the Bible Effectively distance learning course



If you find reading the Bible frustrating or difficult at times, then this FREE course is for you.

Each part of the course aims to equip you with the skills required to understand Bible teachings for yourself and benefit from a new appreciation of the Bible.

Whether you are already familiar with the Bible or are new to reading it, this course will provide you with plenty of information and the desire to begin reading it more effectively.

We promise that ….

You will never be asked for money, or to make donations of any kind (and we mean never!)
No one will ever call you on the telephone(unless you ask) or in person. You have noobligation. The course does not attempt to“convert”, “save” or pressure you

There are three ways of following this course:

a) by email

A team of volunteer tutors, coordinated by the Christadelphians, will send each part of the 8 part course as a pdf email attachment.

(Register at http://www.searchforhope.org/distancelearning)

b) online

Look at the course (at www.biblecourses.co.uk)

Note - both of the above links will take you to another site.

c) by post (UK only)

Order by post


This Is Your Bible

The This is Your Bible site provides lots of follow up information that can help you in your exploration of the Bible.



Bible Reading Planner (reading tables and notes)



This booklet enables you to read the Bible in an organised way - one chapter each day. Helpful notes are also included.

Order your copy from the free literature page