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You can see from the Middle East Tensions, Four Superpowers and Egypt sections that the God of the Bible made many accurate predictions. In each case, you can see the Bible prophets making the correct prediction for each situation. One or two correct predictions could be lucky guesses. But the Bible appears to have a great number of accurate predictions. This would strongly suggest that there is more than chance involved.
In this section we’ll see even more amazing things! The same God also chose to predict that a particular people would have a very unusual history. He has proved right in this case too.
Furthermore, it was predicted that nations, small and great, would try to destroy this rather insignificant people. The God of the Bible, however, has told us that we will know He exists when we see His chosen people survive against all the odds. You may have realized from this that we are, indeed, talking about the Jews.


God’s witnesses

The Bible predicts that the Jews would have a unique history surviving against all the odds. This is powerful evidence that the Bible comes from a power much higher than us. We hope that you will see that this is yet more evidence that we can rely on what the God of the Bible has told us.

God makes it clear that He has chosen the Jews as his witnesses. Speaking of the Jews, God told the prophet Isaiah,

“You are my witnesses, declares the Lord ...that you may know and believe me” Isaiah 43 v 10
He’s made them His witnesses to show us that He is capable of keeping to His word no matter how improbable it may seem. We can then believe other things He says that we can’t necessarily substantiate.

Before we look at these remarkable predictions, we must emphasise that we are in no way supporting the politics of the nation of Israel. The Bible makes it very clear that the Jews often have not behaved in the best of ways. We’re not looking at the rights and wrongs of what the Jews have done or are doing. We’re looking at fulfillment of predictions and not the politics of situations.

So, to start, let’s think about what is commonly known about the Jews:

•    First, most people realise that Jews are to be found in almost all countries, often in positions of influence.

•    Secondly, most of us are aware that over the centuries Jews have often experienced periods when they have suffered resentment, discrimination and even persecution. This may be because they seem to be very different from other people.

•    Thirdly, it is well known that they were persecuted in the Holocaust during the Second World War.

•    And finally, no one who follows world news can fail to notice that the Jews are at the centre of Middle East tensions.
What you might not know, is that Jews are found in most countries of the world because they were driven from their homeland and have remained out it for 1800 years. During this time, their homeland became desolate. This national homelessness for the Jews came to an end in 1948 when the modern nation of Israel was founded.


In the other "Unwilling witnesses" sections,(links below) we will put the relevant aspects of Jewish history in a logical order. We can then look at predictions about them in a way we can understand. We will look at:
•    The scattering of the Jews and the desolation of their homeland.
•    The way they were persecuted and hated by other nations.
•    The survival of the Jews as an identifiable people without a homeland.
•    Their rebirth as a nation in 1948 and the way in which their land again became fruitful.
•    The way Israel has become a big problem to modern politicians.


Worldwide scattering






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