Summary of the Bible message


We have seen that there is no other collection of books like the Bible.

It was written by people from contrasting backgrounds over a time period of hundreds of years

It has a “ring of truth”

There are over 500,000 links of ideas spread throughout all the books

These links of ideas all combine to give a consistent message

This message tells us that: 

    We were created by a totally reliable power greater than us

    Our Creator asks for respect for His message, but allows people to reject it

    God is concerned enough about people to have arranged a plan offering us life after death

    God asks us to reflect His care in our lives

    Knowing that we have a caring God gives us confidence in a future life after death

    There is no life after death for those who are not interested in God’s plan

    Those who die “in Christ” will be raised from the dead when Jesus Christ returns to the earth

    Those who are raised from the dead will be involved in a worldwide kingdom on earth

    We can have a part in God’s plan by believing that God will do what he has promised and then being baptized


Variety of people who wrote the Bible

The "ring of truth" found in the Bible

Similar ideas and principles running throughout the Bible

The Bible message

The Bible message for us

The writers of the Bible message


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