The variety of people who wrote the Bible


Variety of writers     


The Bible is made up of 66 individual books. They were written down by people of many occupations spread over a time period of hundreds of years.

The table below shows the large variety of backgrounds, cultures and time periods from which the writers of the books of the Bible came.

  Backgrounds   Locations  Situations   Date
  Slave   Egypt   Single   1450 BC
  Temple servant   Israel   Married      To
  Priest   Babylon   Marital problems   AD 96
  Captive in foreign land   Persia    
  Shepherd   Rome    
  King   Greece    
  Musician   Turkey    
  Royal descent      
  Customs officer      


There is no other book in the world written by so many different authors spread over a period of 1,500 years that has one consistent message.

Some of the Bible writers suffered terribly or even died for giving their message. People must believe their message if they are prepared to die for it. The Bible writers had very good reasons to believe that their message was true.

The challenge

How does the Bible come to have a consistent message, relevant to everyone, when it was written by people from such vastly different cultures and times?


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