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The Bible tells us that God created all things and gives us several aspects of our Creator’s message.


Trusting our Creator's message

Our Creator wants people to believe and trust what he says even though it may sound improbable. He does, however, give us very good reasons to believe and trust what He says. He has made many predictions that seemed very improbable when they were made, but they have all proved true. So we can have confidence in promises that He has made that have not yet been fulfilled.


Real hope for the future

We are reminded that our lives will end one day. Following on from that we are told what happens when we die and given very good reasons to believe that we can have a hope of life after death. We are assured that we can be involved in solving all of our world’s problems after we are raised from the dead when the Lord Jesus Christ returns to the earth.




A future without current problems

We are also told that our current problems are caused by the selfish streak that is in every one of us. The Bible tells of a time to come when this selfish streak will be removed from those who attempt to overcome it now. They will be given endless life on earth and be involved in the rewarding work of sorting out the problems in our world. We can be greatly encouraged by the Bible message that we can have a part in this time, soon to come, when all of the present problems will be things of the past. This world will be returned to the perfect state that God always intended.


Making the right choice

The Bible also tells us that God would like us to obey Him. The animals obey Him out of instinct – they have no choice. But God has allowed us to have ideas that oppose His principles. A major theme in the Bible is that God permits these opposing ideas to test us. He wants to see whether or not we will obey Him out of choice when we are presented with these opposing ideas.

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